The School vs. Education (Mis)Equation


The concept of “school” has become the owner of education today. Whereas “education” was meant to prepare the younger generation for their life in the world, it was performed in the home environment with support from communities. Up until the 20th century that is. What happened in between? Why did the preceding generation shift the focus of education from home to the school? Why have the roles reversed where homes are serving an auxiliary function in education today?

We have equated school as a symbol of education. But school is not the sole source of education, and some may argue, should not even be considered a source! In thinking such ideas about schooling, education, and life, we uncover opportunities for innovation in not only policies but also our thinking, behaviours, and beliefs.

How can we revitalize education in places beyond the school?

tl:dr – Why is the “school” our sole source of “education”?

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