TMT’s Teaching and Learning Approach


Learning is “an active process that culminates in significant change” [1]. It is simultaneously an internal, cognitive process and an active, inquiry-based and collaborative adventure between learners because learning is about “investigation, exploration, search, quest, research, pursuit, and study” [2]. The services of TMT are based on the notion of assisting students to make a leap of faith from theory to praxis; “from intuitive understandings and natural curiosity to knowledge creation” [3]. The inquiry-based learning model grounds the teaching and learning practices of TMT while also recognizing the diverse ways research skills may be utilized in different disciplines. The inquiry model “allows students to internalize a process for inquiry that is transferable to everyday life situations” [4]. An objective of TMT is for students to acquire essential skills that they can modify to contextualize in their own professional lives. The steps toward developing transferable skills rely on active learning approaches, which comprises of participatory activities and a reflection on the purposes, implications, and outcomes of the activities [5]. Active learning approaches to learning have been widely documented as being conducive to student learning [6]. Moreover, their merging with inquiry-based learning for clinical research methods skills is an innovation in curriculum planning that underlines the services offered by TMT.

How do you want to learn about research methods?

Active and inquiry-based learning ground TMT’s services and teaching approaches.


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