Immigrant Mental Health



We live in a highly globalized world. Immigration between the East and West has characterized global movement in the last several decades. While the health outcomes of immigrant populations is well-known, there is little discussion on the impact immigration has on youth. Furthermore, there is little formal investigation on the relationship between value-based conflicts youth have with their parents and mental health outcomes. This research programs aims to understand the impacts of such conflicts on mental health and design community-based interventions to alleviate mental health outcomes.

Planned Projects

  • Scoping review of the relationship between intergenerational conflict: What is the relationship between intergenerational conflict, identity-discordance, and mental health outcomes among immigrant youth in North America and Europe?
  • Qualitative content analysis on media reporting of mental health: How does Canadian media report on Muslim mental health issues?
  • Qualitative interviews with Muslim youth and intergenerational conflict: How do Muslim youth explain the impact of intergenerational conflict with their parents and guardians on their mental health?


  • Majid U*, Nauman H, Muhammad T, Sadek R. (2020). The Impact of Intergenerational Conflict on Mental Health: A Pilot Interview Study. An internal report prepared for Naseeha Youth Helpline.

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