Patient Engagement

Patient discussing his ideas for healthcare improvement


Around the world, health services organizations are increasingly engaging patients and family in research, clinical care, and quality improvement. However, in spite of this pervasiveness, there remains uncertainty on the most important mechanisms and processes for engaging patients. This is particular true for patient engagement in health service planning and improvement activities. This research program aims to investigate patient engagement in planning and improvement activities.

Planned Projects

  1. Scoping Review: What terms to studies use to depict meaningful PE in planning and improvement activities?
  2. Concept Analysis of Meaningful PE: How do studies on PE in planning and designing activities conceptualize different terms that depict PE? 
  3. Concept Analysis of Tokenism in PE: What are the different dimensions of tokenism in PE?
  4. Theoretical Review of Shared Mental Models and PE: How can the literature on shared mental models be used to expand the roles of patients in healthcare activities?
  5. Policy Analysis of Patient-Centric Healthcare Culture: What ideas support and oppose a patient-centric culture?
  6. Comparative Health System Analysis on the Development of Patient and Family Advisory Committees: What historical characteristics and legislative imperatives have contributed to the proliferation of Patient and Family Advisory Committees between Ontario, Canada and England, United Kingdom?


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