Social Reactions to Pandemics



In the 21st century alone, we have faced at least six pandemics, and numerous other epidemics in nations worldwide. Pandemics can adversely impact organizations, systems, communities, and individuals’ way of living. While much research exists to understand how to increase organizational and system capacity, less is known about how individuals, communities, healthcare providers, and media respond to pandemics. This research program aims to clarify how different groups respond to pandemics. The goal is to inform the development of tailored policies

Planned Projects

  1. Scoping Review on Misconceptions and Behavior Change: What is the relationship between knowledge, misconceptions, risk perception and behaviour change during pandemics, epidemics, and outbreaks?
  2. Systematic Review on Knowledge and Behavior Change in Pregnancy: What is the relationship between knowledge, risk perception, and behaviour change for pregnant women pertaining to the Zika Virus Disease?
  3. Systematic Review of Institutional Responses: How can educational institutions better respond to pandemics, epidemics, and outbreaks?
  4. Systematic Review of Media Responses: How does media respond to pandemics and global outbreaks across the world?
  5. Systematic Review of Vaccine Hesitancy During Pandemics: What factors promote vaccine hesitancy or acceptance during pandemics and epidemics?


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