System and Organizational Capacity



Just in the last two decades, new innovations and inventions have dramatically changed our lifestyle, behaviours and attitudes (e.g., social media, AI and machine learning, smart phones, SARS-CoV-2 pandemic). These rapid transformations have a considerable impact on how systems, organizations, institutions, firms, and business operate. A capacity to deal with such changes is an important determinant of success.

This research program aims to clarify the elements of capacity building for systems and organizations, and under different circumstances. The goal of this research is to inform global capacity-building approaches so that organizations, governments, systems, and communities can respond to change better.

Planned Projects

  1. Concept analysis on organizational capacity across health care and business and management disciplines: What are the attributes, antecedents, and consequences of organizational capacity? 
  2. Systematic review of research capacity-building initiatives in low- and middle-income countries: What research capacity-building initiatives have been implemented in low- and middle-income countries? What is their effectiveness and impact? 
  3. Systematic review of system preparedness for pandemics: How can health systems enhance their preparedness for pandemics? 
  4. Systematic review of community capacity-building initiatives: What initiatives exist to improve capacity-building in communities for healthcare or social interventions? 
  5. Scoping review of leadership attributes: What leadership attributes are necessary of non-clinical health care managers? 


  • Majid U*, Dzerounian J, Pavalagantharajah S, Hutchison H, Wu K. (2020). Measuring Social Impact in Arts and Cultural Organizations: A Review. Office of Community Engagement, McMaster University.
  • Majid U*, Killip S, Pahwa M, Bagri P, Jamal S. (2020). Strengthening Diversity and Inclusivity in Non-Profit Organizations and Community Land Trusts. Office of Community Engagement, McMaster University.

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